The Corean Roberts Gallery
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These pages are dedicated to Corean Roberts, my Grandmother (1909-2000).
Corean Roberts

   From the 1950's to the 1970's, she painted landscapes,  still life and many other experimental works, using mostly oil on canvas, but a some with tile, wood, and watercolor.

Often, especially in her landscapes, a man is present, but rarely seen.    His cabin, camp, boat, or cattle are seen, but the man is usually absent. One feels like they are standing next to a very lonely style of life. Growing up with her, I never felt lonely, but rather, I could see her loneliness: that of a small-town mother of 4, married to a man with two jobs and who is also a circuit pastor, gone every Sunday, every night, every year. Perhaps the man in her paintings is her husband, the late Rev. Arthur George "Pete" Roberts (1907-1996), or perhaps her small brother of long ago who died at age 5, probably in the 1918 flu pandemic.

Local country artist or undiscovered master?  You be the judge.

Most of the collection is privately owned by surviving members of the Roberts family. My father and her son, Eddie Joe Roberts, reported she sold some of her early works. She attended art school in Pampa, Texas, along with her daughter, Wanda, now Wanda Carter, currently living in Pampa, TX.

Some of the works are titled and/or signed, most are not named but are signed. Some are named by where in the house they hung (a convenient convention because I remember the locations; I grew up in this house.)
It is estimated that over 150 paintings were created; at least 100 are accounted for.  This small online collection of 24 works is presented here.  More photos, and retakes with better quality, will be posted at a later date.  The person holding some of the paintings is my sister, Mrs. Crystal Dooley.

I find my grandmother's subtle and hard-boiled wit showing through in many of her paintings. Here and there, shadows are aligned "where she wanted 'em", humorous details float in soft surroundings, and water reflections are bent seemingly by will of perspective. She was a powerful and determined woman, and the force of her personality and sense of humor is everywhere in her work. Enjoy the gallery and please feel free to contact me (Jody Roberts) at

cabin1.jpg (155877 bytes)          cabin2.jpg (114857 bytes)         camp1.jpg (66273 bytes)         camp2.jpg (153981 bytes)
Living Rm. Above Couch    Den above Divan             Front Bedroom        Camp 2                        

camp3.jpg (148531 bytes)          camp4.jpg (137409 bytes)          creek1.jpg (147532 bytes)         den_above_fire.jpg (129302 bytes) 
   Den Above TV                  Camp 2                   Creek 1               Den Above Stove    

">Image054.jpg (75800 bytes)          lake.jpg (128374 bytes)          More_Light.jpg (206058 bytes)          MoreLight_back.jpg (20567 bytes)
                Lake 1                      Lake 2              More Light          Back of More Light
                                  (Living Rm. above Chair)

mountain_lake_morning.jpg (141562 bytes)          rare_cows.jpg (124908 bytes)          Rotation of Image057.jpg (773962 bytes)          tenmilehole.jpg (113775 bytes) 
Mountain Morning       Rare Cows                 Waterfall 1                Ten Mile Hole  
                                                                                                                                (Den Above Shelves)           

Tile1.gif (131858 bytes)          Tile2.jpg (140395 bytes)          Tile3.jpg (107621 bytes)          tiles_front.jpg (193691 bytes)
TILE #1                    TILE #2                    TILE #3                6 TILES

tiles_back.jpg (156368 bytes)          waterfall1_front.jpg (144432 bytes)          waterfall1_back.jpg (47517 bytes)          waterfall2.jpg (129141 bytes)
    Back of Tiles                Waterfall 2          Back of Waterfall 2       Waterfall 3         
 (Living Rm, by door)                                 

winter_town_creek.jpg (160557 bytes)
Winter Town Creek

The "Other" C. Roberts

There is another artist who signed their paintings "C. Roberts" which are not one of my grandmother's paintings. This same painting was painted several times. Many people have contacted me asking if this was painted by my Grandmother. I do not know this C. Roberts but it was not my Grandmother as far as I know. Her C's were different in the signature and it wasn't quite her style. Plus, we never saw these in the houses growing up. Here are pictures of the "other" C. Roberts paintings. If anyone knows who this other person was, please email me at

We have learned that the "Other C. Roberts" paintings below were painted under contract by Avante Studios, located in San Gabriel, California. Here is a label showing this information.

Avante Studio Label

The most popular "other" C. Roberts is a tree-lined path with two people walking down it,.


This is another popular C. Roberts, of two owls in a bare tree. Mostly the same fall reds oranges yellows and browns palette, but also a green palette, like the florals below.



This is my grandmother's signature.



These are not my grandmother's signature

Other other C. Roberts paintings

She didn't paint ships

pombi di gauale
Not her style


A very different style, yet same signature?


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